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Thread: Hera Syndulla Mini Bust - Star Wars Chicago Celebration Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    When you say you’ve contacted Diamond for a replacement I assume you really mean Gentle Giant? I’d email the customer services again though as it’s never taken more than 24 hours for me to get a reply but more often I get a reply the same day as I’ve messaged them (noticeable improvement now DST are in charge).
    Yes, I contacted Gentle Giant using the email. Is this email the correct one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi_master_kenobi View Post
    Yes, I contacted Gentle Giant using the email. Is this email the correct one?
    Yes, that’s the correct email address. Maybe the delay is because of Celebration then as they have been noticeably better since DST took over, I’ve had cause to contact them several times & always had a quick response. Only other thing to do beside phoning, is try using the contact us section on the website as I’ve used that a couple of times in recent weeks & again got a quick reply.
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    Took one or two business days before I got a reply I believe.

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    My Hera won’t be delivered until Tuesday (after the Easter bank holidays) so i’ll have to wait to see if mine has an optional chip or cracked lekku.

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    Saw the pics of broken bust. Checked mine. All good. Hope you get your replacement soon!
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    Received mine today and it's a really nice piece, hoping they end up doing the whole crew. I'd be happy if they trickled the Rebels out as exclusives.

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    That’d be very cool !
    My replacement bust has been shipped !

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