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Thread: Custom Action Fleet AT-ACT Walker

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    Custom Action Fleet AT-ACT Walker

    So its not 100% accurate but I like how it looks. A Scarif Trooper and AT-ACT Driver are included. I hate painting these figures. I color matched them, thatís enough for me. I also weathered it a bit and snipped off the chin guns. I painted the base as close to a sand color as I could. I left the Star Wars label alone as if I painted around it, it may have been difficult to read. I dry brushed that same color on the feet to give it a muddy feet effect.

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    Red face

    Nice colour matching bro. Love that movie and that looks good! If you get adventurous with sculpting putty on those figures, just on the faceplates, you’ll really take it to the next level! But they are pretty small and hard to paint for sure. I don’t recall painting AF figures before. Maybe a titanium series Salve One pilot Boba Fett in the cockpit. That was pretty tiny. Well it was the prequel Slave 1. I didn’t know at the time that Boba wouldn’t get a chance to fly it in his classic outfit. Must dig it out and revisit.

    Edit: Oh wow GoldLeaderOne? I’ve watched so many of your YouTube videos man! I had no idea it was you! Big fan Sir! Massive thumbs up!
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