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Thread: General Madine - how to spot a loose Trilogo figure?

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    General Madine - how to spot a loose Trilogo figure?

    Hey folks,

    since a carded General Madine is kind of out of my price range I was wondering if I could at least add a legitimate loose Trilogo Madine to my otherwise almost completed carded run.

    I have not seen anything on this topic yet, so could someone please steer me into the right direction? Thank you!
    Wanted : Palitoy/General MILLS German 45b MOC´s, German promotional leaflets and posters, dealer catalogues, pictures of old Kenner promotions, Store displays

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    There is no such thing as a loose trilogo Madine variant and there’s no variant exclusive to the trilogo packaging.
    The no COO (molded face) Madine variant could be found in the trilogo packaging (which doesn’t mean other variants were not packaged on the trilogo card).

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