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Thread: FS: SW Original Vintage BOBA FETT 21 Back

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    FS: SW Original Vintage BOBA FETT 21 Back

    The following is for an original vintage 1978 Boba Fett 21 Back. I can't stress enough but its truly as pristine as you'll find. My mom purchased a few number of star wars figures when she worked as a retailer named JM Fields. I still have the original shipping carton that they came in but the card is unpunched, bubble is factory sealed (slightly yellowed) and is in fantastic shape, but there is a little wear on one corner but very minimal and normal for a card this old. I've cleaned out my old room and see no reasons to warrant keeping this, hopefully it can go to a new home. Looking to get $3500 obo for this figure, please pm me for pictures. Thanks

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    Lets see a picture.
    Looking for Early Bird Coupon and Leia SW Baggie- Thanks!

    My Feedback

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    Not that this a shock to anyone but he sent pics to me but declined my offer of him putting his name on apiece of paper with the figure.

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    Always a "mom" involved who worked at a retail store. Too many red flags to even count. This should be a primer on what to watch out for. The only thing missing is a request for Western Union payment.
    Looking for anything Max Rebo.

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