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Thread: A Good Day to Die: The Skiff Guard's Tale

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    A Good Day to Die: The Skiff Guard's Tale

    As usual, it was hot. Beyond hot! A true scorcher; no doubt. But there were no signs of any of the vicious sandstorms that plagued Tatooine; and the endless sky was clear and blue. All in all, it was a good day to die; Brock Starsher figured. Correction: it was a good day for executions. Three of them, in fact. And as far as Starsher was concerned; a more deserving three would never be found.
    First, Solo. That good for nothing, arrogant, high-strung Han Solo. Starsher wanted to see him go down pretty badly. It was sort of personal. Solo had murdered Starsher's old chum Greedo; a great sort who had scored Starsher the sweet gig of working for Jabba in the first place! Starsher would never forget the day Fett showed up with Solo in carbonite. Now that had been one legendary celebration! Starsher missed Greedo sometimes. Luckily, he had other good chums, Ree-Yees for example. And Pote. Pote was alright. Not too bright and not too much of a personality, but he was okay. A fine skiff helmsman at least.
    Second, Skywalker. Word had it that Skywalker claimed to be some highfalutin Jedi. A Jedi! What was worse, some even believed it! Old Ephant Mon for example! Starsher snorted. A poor excuse for a chief of security if ever there was one! Starsher wanted to see Skywalker go down badly, moreso than he wanted to see Solo get his. Skywalker KILLED Pateesa! Poor old Malakili must be beside himself with grief.
    Third, Chewbacca. Starsher didn't care much about the Wookiee one way or the other; but he was worthy of execution simply by association with Solo. It was almost a shame, actually, to feed the Wookiee to the Sarlaac. Wookiee pelts were valuable. A pity not to skin the big stupid beast instead.
    Starsher could feel it; an energy in the air, some unspoken, unseen but very much present sense of excitement. This was a good day. A special day. One he would remember for a long time.
    Standing next to Pote nearby the skiff on the loading platform; Starsher once more glanced out at the Dune Sea; thankful for the comparatively cool shade of Jabba's garage; the air pungent with oil and fuel, the ground hard-packed with soaked oil and fluids. He gripped his Vibro Ax tightly in his gloved hands, ready and anxious to get going. He looked back around as Barada finally made his way over to the second skiff; giving it a quick once-over before the party could really get started.
    Starsher shook his head a bit in a mild sense of regret for the Klatoonian. He was kind of important in the garage. A fine mechanic, and in charge of the maintenance pool. All that, and still just a slave. Fate sure was funny sometimes. Strasher guessed that was just the way the dice rolled. Starsher would never be a slave! No way! He may have had a checkered past of petty thievery and criminal activity; but who didn't? Nobody Starsher cared to know! No, he was headed for greatness. He could feel it. One day, he would have a cozy gig directly inside the palace itself; where he could ogle the dancing girls more closely and speak to Jabba directly and rub elbows with the likes of Bib and Fett. Yeah. Just a matter of time.
    Barada at last gave the craft his approval for departure; once departure could get underway, that was. As helmsman, Starsher let Pote board the skiff first; but Starsher himself was a quick second. He wanted to be first on the bow; to have an excellent view as the three pieces of scum received their just desserts. As Yotts and the others boarded; Starsher looked across the garage toward the other skiff; where a commotion was going on. Just as the glorious Khetanna was filling up with eager revelers, partiers and witnesses for this unusually grand trio of executions; so was the other skiff being loaded with its prisoners.
    Surrounded by smelly, dim-witted Gamorreans; Starsher could hardly see the doomed prisoners, aside from the noisy Wookiee in the back; but Skywalker was in the front. He sure didn't look like such of a much to Starsher, that was for sure. But he didn't look panicked or unsure, either. 'Just trying to look tough. See where that gets ya,' Starsher thought to himself.
    He watched as the prisoners were loaded onto the skiff. Solo seemed to have footing a little unsure, and a brown-skinned human guardsman Starsher didn't recognize assisted Solo onto the skiff. Who was that guy? Probably some interior palace guard who had it made and didn't know it. Starsher shrugged it off.
    At long last, everything was ready. Pote guided the skiff out of the garage and onto the Dune Sea beneath Tatooine's punishing suns. Starsher was thankful for his helmet. It kept him cooler, helped tremendously with the furious glare; and made breathing much easier. Back in his days working in an illegal mining company on a dark asteroid shortly after leaving his homeworld of Corellia; Starsher (who still used his real name back then) had damaged his lungs in acidic vapors when a piece of mining equipment blew the big one. He could breathe okay on his own, but the temperature controlled helmet made it easier; especially in the hot, metallic, sun-baked oxygen of Tatooine.
    Starsher could hear music coming from the Khetanna as he turned to look back at the second skiff; which carried the prisoners. He found himself a little envious of Kithaba, Velken and the others. Starsher wanted to be on that skiff, too. He wanted to be the one to force the troublemakers to walk the plank. Oh well. He was glad to still be at the front of the action.
    After quite the long but enjoyable ride; Pote decelerated the skiff as the Great Pit of Carkoon at last came into view...
    (To Be Continued Soon!)
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    Pretty cool. Love the unseen scenes. Good job !

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    The skiff driven by Pote continued to patrol the perimeter; making sure the area was all clear and no allies of the doomed prisoners were somehow lying in wait or any hostile natives were afoot; the stupid but brutal Sandpeople for example. All clear. Not even so much as a bantha or rock wart in sight.
    As the skiff circled back around within close proximity of the impressive, musical Khetanna and the other skiff; Starsher glanced down at the uncanny Sarlaac.
    The great and fearsome monster seemed especially hungry today, downright ravenous even; its tentacles, thick as a strong man's thigh, grasping and exploring the tooth-lined sides of the deadly pit and its large beak snapping; eager for prey. Good enough. Starsher sure hoped the eerie thing was hungry. It would enjoy a splendid meal today, most certainly. Two courses of human scum and a side of Wookiee riffraff.
    The music and excited shouting and yelling aboard the Khetanna began to fade. Just as he had previously wished he had been aboard the prisoner skiff; Starsher now wished he was aboard the Khetanna; where the shade was cooler, the drinks flowed freely and he could rub elbows with the likes of Fett, Bib, Tessek and Starsher's pal Ree-Yees who was almost certainly and undeniably drunk by now. Plus, he could have a good view of the new slave girl, poor Oola's replacement; whom Starsher understood to be an ally of Skywalker and the other villainous rogues.
    It was a shame about Oola, really. Not bad to look at and a good dancer; but her nervous, flighty even defiant nature did her in. Had only herself to blame. Don't cross the boss, it's as simple as that. They who keep their head lowest keep their head longest and all that.
    Finally, from within the Khetanna; came the mechanical yet prissy voice of the boss's new interpreter droid; amplified for the doomed womp rats to hear: "Victims of the Almighty Sarlaac; His Excellency hopes that you will die honorably-" Starsher chuckled to himself. What did criminals like Skywalker and his cohorts know about honor? Less than they knew about what happened when you crossed Jabba the Hutt; obviously. As the droid kept talking, Pote kept the skiff cruising. Starsher felt a chill of excitement when he saw the plank on the prisoner skiff was extended.
    "But should any of you wish to beg for mercy; the Great Jabba the Hutt will now listen to your pleas-"
    Starsher nearly laughed out loud. Mercy? Yeah, right. That was just the clever boss hoping to get one more laugh out of thugs that didn't deserve mercy; and everyone knew it.
    Suddenly, big-mouthed Solo shouted out: "Threepio! You tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth he'll get no such pleasure from us!"
    Beneath his black helmet, Starsher rolled his eyes and shook his head a bit. Solo had to go out dramatically, he guessed; with one last bit of idiotic, misplaced bravado. Starsher hoped he was happy with his last words!
    But then, Skywalker also had something to say: "Jabba...this is your last chance. Free us, or die."
    Something about Skywalker's cool, controlled nature chilled Starsher a bit. But then he heard laughter coming from the Khetanna; and he slowly felt the revelry as well. Skywalker was quite obviously out of his mind; that was all. Either he was so egotistical and in denial to such a degree that he didn't understand what was about to happen to him, or the searing twin suns had already baked his feeble brain.
    Hilarious though this farce was; Jabba had had enough as he himself spoke up. Starsher didn't know much Huttese, just a few phrases and words; but he knew what was said well enough: move him into position.
    Starsher licked his lips with anticipation, eyes widened a bit and hands gripping his vibro ax tightly as he watched Pagetti urge Skywalker forward to the plank with his own vibro ax.
    Frustratingly, Skywalker still seemed cool, calm and collected. Furiating! He might just deprive his audience of a terrified, blubbering breakdown; but it didn't matter, damn it. Didn't matter at all. The weak and the brave; the Sarlaac dealt out the same fate without impunity or inequality.
    Skywalker gave some kind of haughty, arrogant salute toward the Khetanna. Probably some manner of goodbye since his partner in crime, Jabba's new slave girl was watching. Pagetti urged Skywalker forward, off the edge. Skywalker went willingly enough. As he began to plummet toward his well-deserved yet unimaginably terrible fate; Starsher felt his heart leap in joy; as if he himself had achieved some remarkable, grand triumph.
    And suddenly, Skywalker turned in mid-fall and seized the plank, using it to propel himself not down but up! Up into a flip, and he landed back on the skiff! Some metallic object hurled through the air and Skywalker caught it effortlessly, as if he was meant to, somhow! And suddenly the device ignited into a bright, green beam of energy that hummed and buzzed with power! Was that a real, true Lightsaber!?
    Starsher was frozen in place as he watched Skywalker utilize his strange and deadly weapon like some lunatic; swinging it with an appearance of reckless abandon yet powerful and skilled strikes. Still frozen in place, Starsher watched as the crew of the prisoner skiff, many of them his friends, went toppling over the side one by one. Even the mysterious guardsman he had spotted back in the garage but hadn't recognized seemed to be assisting Skywalker and his fellow thugs!
    As chaos ensued on the skiff; the crew aboard the Khetanna began to scramble to the deck; mounting laser cannons. Still frozen in shocked denial, Starsher saw Fett himself take flight from the Khetanna's deck; jetpack smoking as he landed aboard prisoner skiff. Ah-ha! If anyone could gain control of this disaster and set it to rights; it would be Boba Fett!
    But alas, nearly as soon as Fett landed, before he could even get off a single shot; a single swipe of Skywalker's sinister laser sword severed Fett's fine rifle in half in a shower of sparks. As Fett stumbled back, a shot from the Khetanna's deck struck and rocked the skiff; sending Solo and the Wookiee down to the floor; but not over into the Sarlaac, unfortunately. The traitorous, turncoat guardsman DID go over the side...but clung to wires and cables from the skiff. Safe from the pit, for the moment!
    Skywalker made a terrible mistake as he took his eyes off of Fett to look and ensure his cohorts were alright. Fett, cunning and opportunistic as ever; took advantage and fired his grappling cable at Skywalker; wrapping the berserk killer tight! At last! Justice would be served! Skywalker struggled with the cable as the deck cannons on the Khetanna fired another shot; but Skywalker's lightsaber severed the stout cable as that combined with the cannon blast put Fett down face-first on the floor.
    Enough was enough. The stunned paralysis of shock that gripped Starsher and the others aboard the security skiff was at last broken. Better yet, here was an opportunity, a great chance to prove his worth to his boss. If Starsher could take out Skywalker, succeed where Fett had failed...well, then, to say he would soon become Jabba's best was an understatement of epic proportions...
    "Get us in closer, Pote!" Starsher yelled over his shoulder at the helmsman. As some of his companions fired at Skywalker, Pote moved the nose of the security skiff much closer to the prisoner skiff. Skywalker turned to see them as if he was just now noticing the second skiff for the first time. He ran and jumped from from skiff to the other.
    Eyes wide and teeth gritted in adrenaline fueled fury beneath his helmet, Strasher raised his vibro ax as his companions crowded around in behind him.
    'Come on! Come on, Skywalker! I've got yours right here! Starsher thought wrathfully as Skywalker landed on the nose of the skiff, above them on the rails.
    Skywalker used his lightsaber with great skill, easily and deftly fending off not only Starsher but his fellows closed in behind him. The humming, powerful laser sword was much, much more intimidating this close. Starsher suddenly not only regretted his eagerness to face Skywalker; but his position at the front of the skiff.
    As he cowered to dodge that frightening lightsaber, he began to turn and retreat back towards the rear of the skiff, where Pote was; noise and chaos going on from the Khetanna and other skiff all the while. But someone behind Starsher knocked into him, also in a panic; and Starsher lost his balance. No no no no no!! his mind panicked as Starsher went head-first over the side of the skiff; plummeting down toward the eager, waiting, gaping maw of the Sarlaac.
    To Brock Starsher's credit, he didn't scream on his way down. He was too seized in terror to scream. Why the hell had he volunteered for security skiff duty in the first place? Why had he been so eager to see Skywalker and the others go down? Why had he been in such a rush to get out here? What exactly had he hoped to prove?
    Starsher, in his own unwitting arrogance, had made numerous mistakes on that fine day to die; and as he disappeared into the ravenous Sarlaac; he would have a long time to think about them. A very, very long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ATATDRIVER View Post
    Pretty cool. Love the unseen scenes. Good job !

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    Thank you very much! This is my first fan fiction of any sort! I wanted to do something small; something that could be a part of a much greater story without affecting the already established story in any real way. In that sense I wrote less of a tale, and more of an unseen point of view to a much grander tale.
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    I know what you mean. Reminds me of the Tales from Jabba’s Palace book ! Ties in together very well.

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    That book was my main inspiration; and what I had in mind before starting this. I really enjoyed most of the tales in that book; as I did the Cantina Tales as well. I think the Bounty Hunters was my least favorite in the Tales series.
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