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Thread: Death star playset-cardboard version and complete humanoid?

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    Death star playset-cardboard version and complete humanoid?

    I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what this is going for? I have a complete loose one with a bit of water damage to one of the second level floors. Otherwise it is in great shape and complete. I found one that sold on ebay, just not a lot out there for completed sales.
    I would attach pictures, just always struggle with that on here.
    Thank you

    Also I have a complete humanoid in mint condition that I am curious what they are going for as well? Havent found one that has sold recently complete and this nice.
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    As far as Humanoid are you talking about the Black Hole Humanoid? If so with original cloak and cloth boots at least $500 I have seen some go up to $1000.

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    Yes the black hole humanoid. Interesting, in the value. I appreciate the thoughts. Any others have ideas? I know a few years ago an Afa85 complete sold for 3000$ and this one is right up there with that.

    Thanks for the help everyone

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