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Thread: how can i make a becky lynch vintage gi joe?

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    how can i make a becky lynch vintage gi joe?

    this is weird yes but i was inspired by a dream i had the other day.
    im a huge becky lynch fan so i started thinking how i could make one to put next to sgt slaughter.
    i was planning on making a ruby riott figure as well for cobra but the corp puma figure doesnt have a screw in the back.
    any ideas? i figure scarlett would be the most obvious candidate for this project but she can be tough to come by
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    Better off using modern joes. Zarana could be reworked into ruby riot...

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    true though modern joes are a lot more expensive. i had an idea for her pants at least.
    for rubys one legged pants i can undo and swap a leg with someone like zangief and then have a black one legged pair of pants.
    still we can hopefullly get some ideas rolling here
    i feel like a 2005 white ninja scarlett head could pass for becky.
    im considering this:
    2005 ninja scarlett head
    snake eyes v1 torso or sonya blade
    green camo pants (like slaughter or leather neck)
    arms from road pig or salvo (i know its a little too buff but it could work)
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    modern Joes: Several Black Widow heads might do the job depending on the look.
    Vintage: Might have to look into some Corps stuff & repaint as needed.
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    that could work also i think i meant to say guile arms.
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    i think i figured it out!
    a 1997 nightforce lady jaye body with a scarlett head!
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    my plans have hit a snag so im back to square zero. apparently all scarlett heads have that damned swivel instead of a ball joint so it doesnt fit the torso i wanted to use. i got a lady jaye 1997 night force torso i wanted to use but now i may have to rework it. the only thing i could do would be break a ninja scarlett (no way to unscrew her body) and get a ball joint version.
    lobot is probably right about modern joes but i cant afford a zarana even just to have a zarana. shes like 200$
    modern ones are a lot more expensive too. so back to taking suggestions.
    also how could i make a steel brigade female? (reg steel brigades are impossible too)
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