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Thread: What to do about AFA graded Greedo?

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    What to do about AFA graded Greedo?

    Hey guys I bought an AFA 80 graded Greedo at a con the other day. It was good when I bought it and by the time I got home one of the top pegs holding the figure down came loose and is rattling around inside. There are no cracks on the acrylic anywhere or sign of being hit. It just quite literally fell off and I am pretty bummed about it. I got it for a fair price as well.... What should I do about this? Or what can I do about it?

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    Thats a bummer but it happens quite often. You can send it in to afa to get recased- good news is the new cases will display the weapon 100% better. Your just out some cash
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    I did see that the new weapon displays are quite cool. I do have some figures to send it so maybe I will just have it recased. With the recasing I think I will still have gotten a decent deal.

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    Greedo shot first I guess! Poor case! Do you have the other cantina brothers graded as well?

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