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Thread: EFX Boba Fett PCR Helmet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewiegum View Post
    And the helmet is padded inside... hopefully.
    But I have the signature MR helmet, I would never wait another 5 years for a Legend version.
    The MR Fett helmet is stunning. It was one of my favorites.

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    I was tempted at first, but I also have the MR signature helmet which is amazing! I keep it safely stored in it's box until I plan to wear it on occassion and would only buy the efx one to display all year...but roughly $400 is tough right now with so many other things I want to purchase.
    I hope HASBRO finishes the original 92+ on the Vintage Collection Cards...(approx. 22-28 needed to complete it, depending on your certain point of view.)

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    I would wear the eFX one and display the MR.
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    The PCR helmet is very nice for the price point.

    1) It's missing details. No thumb print among other details.
    2) Diecast ears make the helmet a great value.
    3) All physical damage that are "tells" from the hero helmet have been removed.

    I'll be pre-ordering to take with me to different places such as cons.
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    Looks like it's sold out already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial1973 View Post
    Looks like it's sold out already
    Click through to the 3rd party site they're using for orders. Still accepting. I ordered the PCR Vader and didn't have any problems.

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    Sounds like a fair deal and worth a pick up.
    Always a pleasure to meet a Jedi.

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    Ordered. I couldn't help myself and don't want to pay $2k for the legend.

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    This one is exclusive to the baitme site.

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