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Thread: How much are you really paying?

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    How much are you really paying?

    A few different threads got me thinking about the over inflated prices these days. Tons of cash going to these sales, so I started to wonder. How many of us are actually spending the amounts for the over priced sales. I don't really hear alot of talk on the final prices for some of these figures. From what I have read, it's mostly talk about how expensive rather than one of us making the actual purchase.

    I have been watching sales for years now and can't help but notice alot of dumb crap going on as of late.


    Garbage lots, just listed, major bids with 6 days to go.

    Better figure lots or individual figures with only hours left with zero bids. Now , these do sell, so don't get me wrong, however, the prices seem to be consistent with each other. The garbage lots sell for more than double almost every time. I know, because I'm still trying to collect some army builder figures to later display with play sets

    Another example is the listing of a rare pice that has been sold a few times, relisted, and sold again. But wait, the same item pops up yet again.. and yes, by the same seller.

    I'm really curious to see if collectors from here have excepted these prices and are buying them anyway, or can this be shill bidding, or perhaps, this is just the new norm.

    I really don't understand this market and it has no consistency what so ever. Not 2 years ago, there was almost a consistent guideline for each piece, and we all knew the basic cost per item we were interested in. Now, it's just what ever.

    Am I alone here?
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    Most of the ebay auctions I win these days are finishing at weird times of the day or may be an item that is flying under the radar of most collectors. Back in the day, prices were more consistent and not so scattered. Lots of shill bidding on ebay for sure. Occasionally I'll search for a sold listing to see what things are actually selling for only to find that items are selling for way more than what they should be and there are half a dozen current for sale listings at half the price. So yeah, lots of shill bids happening. I keep a lazy eye on ebay, but deals are further and further far fetched that I have better luck dealing directly through facebook groups with well accredited sellers. Prices are more in line with today's actual market and most all of my payments are made via Friends and Family with no issues because of the seller's reputation. Certain facebook sellers are the equivalent of going to a toy show to find fair market deals, but online. Whereas ebay is the flea market where anything that says Star Wars people think is worth a million dollars and occasionally you'll snag a good deal. That's been my experience anyways

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    I also luck out sometimes with the weird time of day auctions, but that's getting to be less of an advantage, what with the eBay app and push notifications. The last "steal" I got was a reasonably-priced lot that happened to end during the Super Bowl. Averaged to $8/apiece and included complete Trench Coat Han, Poncho Leia, B-Wing Pilot and Rancor Keeper, among others.

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    Super Bowl, I'll have to remember that one. Although this year, most probably turned it off and watched ebay instead. hahaha. I've got a strategy for finding ebay deals, but I don't willingly give it up and don't post it in public just because I don't like to have competition coming out the ears (even though it's an easy strategy if you figure it out), but if you're interested you can pm me and I'll share it. I plucked a 12-A Vader cardback recently for $2.99 with free shipping using this strategy. It works, but takes vigilance.

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    Once in a blue moon, you can find cheap buy it nows on ebay, but those are few and far between. You also can't wait, you have to do it right away. I was looking for mailers and found a 4 lom and Ackbar , both in the boxes with inserts , both at 50 each. I just spent my load for the month , so I placed them in my watch list. Needless to say, both didn't last the hour.

    I too have a strategy but now I need to adapt to a new one. I used to buy during bill paying week. That used to be when buying or sales went down. Small window and you had to be patient, but it worked well for years. I figured this out while selling a lot of stuff (I uzed to buy lots, and sell my eXtra to fund my collection). I noticed that my sales completely dropped off around the end or first of each month. So that's when I decided to move my purchases to that time frame. I usually pulled 2 to 3 quality lots or pieces a month for less than the normal going rates. Now, with all the credit card promos, people spend all month long regardless of having to pay their bills. I would also clean up during the holidays because , at that time, (pre new movie releases) sales dropped to almost nothing for me, however plenty of pieces to buy with far less competition . Those days are gone.
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    My eBay purchases are based on a combination of "how bad do I want it," supply and demand, and overall cost. If I really want it, I'll pay a little more. If the supply is high and the demand not so high (usually modern stuff), I'll wait. And if it's just too costly, I'm not buying it. I've been having fun watching and eventually purchasing items (after they drop the price) that are incorrectly named or misspelled. That's how I picked up a Droids R2-D2 and a pop-up lightsaber R2-D2 over the last few years, among other items.

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