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Thread: What is your latest Kenner acquisition?

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    What is your latest Kenner acquisition?

    I couldn’t find a thread for this, so:

    What is the latest vintage item you have acquired for your collection?

    I recently bought a loose but complete Desert Sail Skiff to go along with the Barge.
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    The Rope and Instruction Booklet for the Death Star. Now it is Complete!

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    I woul love to see a picture of your barge and Skiff . My latest aquisitions were a Han Hoth and Luke Bespin both in poor condition so they blend in with my original figures . There is a thread dedicated to recent vintage aquisitions in the Vintage: Limelight & Display section

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    1997 Star Wars Power of the Force Darth Vader Tie Fighter with figure

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    A complete Micro Collection Wampa Cave and the figures for the Ion Cannon

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    Ackbar mailer. Also ended up with the return of the jedi insert as well as the revenge of the jedi insert.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthShort View Post
    1997 Star Wars Power of the Force Darth Vader Tie Fighter with figure
    That's neither vintage, nor Kenner.

    Anyway, I just got an AT-ST Driver in the mail today. No weapon, but I only paid $10 for it, so it's no big deal.
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    Bit the bullet and got a (pretty clean!) Blue Snaggletooth...

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    A vintage teebo I found in a pixar cars slot car track at goodwill. It was a fun bonus!

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    Finally got the battle damaged tie fighter. Perfect condition at a price too incredible to believe. Now all I need to reclaim everything from my childhood collection is a Landspeeder and Blue snaggletooth. Then its on to the large size figures.

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