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Thread: WTB - Various MR COA's Shippers

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    WTB - Various MR COA's Shippers

    Hello, not been about for a while after selling my collection, but I am still buying the odd bit for my man cave here and there.

    I picked up a Basic clone helmet but it came with the box for the 212th Attack Battalion Clone (so this will be up for sale if I get the correct box)

    So if anyone has the coa, black packing box and the brown shipping box they are happy to sell please let me know. Happy to buy from several people.

    Also looking for the following items:
    COA for a Yoda ROTS lightsaber..... possibly the 2nd plaque also, the edition run number plaque.
    COA for Yoda AOTC and any boxes
    COA for Luke ROTJ LE and any boxes

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    Updated first post with added Yoda COA for ROTS lightsaber.
    My Collection - Feedback for Gstq10000

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