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Thread: lets talk about the tiger force

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    lets talk about the tiger force

    i know some people (and by some i mean retro blasting) hate the tiger force but i love these guys as well as the python patrol.
    oddly my mind has played tricks on me i thought i had a lot of tiger force when i was little but it was mostly vehicles.
    i had all of them except the planes and helicopter i had the fish, sting, paw and shark and cat.
    figures i only had flint tripwire and frostbite.
    ah flint. this story has been told a few times but for those that dont know
    my original flint (received for my birthday with bazooka, airtight, gungho, and ship wreck)
    went missing at some point and w as never found. for two years (felt way longer than that)
    i had no flint until one magical day in 1987 i went into a local heb grocery store and saw a huge tiger force display of vehicles in the aisle and figures on the rack nearby.
    i saw flint screamed like a maniac and ran to find my mom and tell her the good news lol.
    i ended up getting tripwire either at the same time or on a return trip later.
    what do you like about the tiger force? share your memories here!
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    I have a few of the 25th Anniversary Tiger Force and Python Patrol figures. I had the Tiger Force and Python Patrol planes but I ended up selling them because GI Joe aircraft take up so much display room.

    I thought for sure my cousin had the Tiger Rat when we were growing up. He insists he never owned it. Either way, one of us had a bad memory haha.
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    i remember seeing the tiger rat once or maybe it was the fly, and i want to say it was like 60 to 80$ back then i just know it was well out of my budget range.
    now days i have the tiger sting and roadblock with no acessories. i have the 25th duke but i want a vintage one. i dont have any issues with duke but other mdern figures suck ones like viper and storm shadow cant hold anything or others where th back packs are so heavy they fall over with the stands. im going to try to keep to vintage now.
    my original tiger sting got thrown away and destroyed but iwa able to find a new one, those planes do take up a crap ton of room.
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    I loved Tiger Force as a kid. I wasn't old enough to have Joes from the earlier years, so I was pretty happy to have another chance at the likes of Duke, Bazooka and Lifeline in '88. I got the Tiger Rat for Christmas that year; it's a bit beat up, but I still have most of it. A buddy gave me a complete Tiger Paw as a present once, and I have a mostly complete Tiger Sting and Fish as well. Also ended up with the 25th re-release of the Tiger Rat, single-carded Duke and Flint, and Joecon 2015 Wreckage. Should've picked up Skystriker from that Joecon too to go with my original one, but I waffled on it because of the cop-out head they used and now he's going for crazy prices.

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    nice! i had better success with the python patrol i had all three vehicles and most of the figures only copperhead and the officer eluded me.
    i was the same way strider. i didnt have the earlier joes and the first duke i ever had was from later in the tan and red with the infamous crotch rocket card back.
    i thnk i skipped out on tiger bazooka because i had the original one and i played with him until he was so worn out i ended up getting the fisherman hat bazooka from the battle corp later. same with gung ho but im getting off track.
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    I remember wanting to use TF Lifeline's mask on Skystriker to get a better pilot look for him. Doing that probably lost me his visor and antenna set, lol. I still have the fig and helmet though. I was starting to move onto TMNT by '89 when vintage Python Patrol came out, but I did manage to get all of the 25th ones, the Conquest, a Joecon 2011 trooper, Tele-Viper, Trigger and Lightning, and the 50th Croc Master PP repaint. Trigger/Gatilho is probably my favourite 25th Cobra that I own.

    I wanted to get that Battle Corps Bazooka, Gung Ho (the one with the flag, right?) and Roadblock as well when I started buying vintage Joes again, but I ended up passing on all three.

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    yeah i really liked that flag acessory
    battle corp roadblock was my very last gi joe from the original childhood arah run.i managed to have the major toy lines like tmnt and gi joe all coexist with jurasic park , batman the animated series and other stuff i had back then. once star brigade came out i was like "ok ill just walk quickly past this stuff and not look at it" lol i recall being n a mall i nthe late 90s (there hunting rare x men i couldnt find like storm,beast, rogue and iceman) and seeing ahuge display that led into a corner aile agaisnt the wall with a ton of star brigade stuff. i might have walked down it just to glance at it but i was like this sh** dumb.
    and honestly i had no interest in sky patrol (i bought one figure and the sky sharc and sky hawk) and the ninja force i dont thnk i bought any of those. though i might have had one or two.
    also all the characters i might want (scarlett snake eyes zartan) where no where to be found. in fact only snake eyes i ever owned was (and is again) the 1990 version.
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