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Thread: Things that drive you nuts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth_MaHaBe View Post
    Those are all good, but the one thing that really annoys me the most..

    I go to a lot of Auctions. When someone buys a Vintage toy and turns around and gives it to a little kid that is there with them just to keep them happy while the adult stands around.
    I watches a Vader case of Vintage Figures sell, about 20 in there, nothing rare, no weapons or anything. But it went for well more than I was willing to give, ($150) He takes the item, goes back to to a group of kids (5-8 yrs old?) and they start playing with them right there.

    I have seen this many times, might not be a Star Wars Toy, but something thats worth a lot more than something a kid should be tearing up.
    I see nothing wrong with that. If a person wins the auction in a legal way, and chooses to give a toy to a kid, rather than to drive me nuts, it would make me happy. Toys are meant for kids, and for kids to play with them. They were willing to buy the item to make a kid happy and that gesture is invaluable.The fact some people choose to buy toys for personal gain is totally different. Seeing scalpers at a store, for instance, buying whatever Star Wars action figure or Hot Wheels they can find to later on auction them off and make a quick buck,while depriving a young collector or kid from getting to them, that in fact drives me nuts.
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    I've actually seen two hot wheels collector get into a shoving match over a car. In the store....kinda goofy adults fighting over toys.Reminded me of the cabbage patch craze.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r2d6kelly View Post
    What about when they call for a trace of snow, the couple that goes and buys 5 gallons of milk, 7 loaves of bread,and 12 dozens of eggs? Knowing 2 days later it will be 50 degrees. Exactly how much French toast can 2 people eat in 2 days?
    They probably have a business of some kind.

    Slow walkers and/or people who take up a lot of space if your out walking.

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    I had a LARGE collection of MISB vehicles & action figures, which had never seen the light of day.... then I had a daughter.

    ("no contest").

    one day we opened them ALL, like Christmas Morning, and *gasp* played with them. I filled 3 trash bags with all the discarded packaging... and my daughter grew up with a giant rubbermaid bin FULL of SW toys.

    ("worth it").
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    That's really cool of you to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GNT View Post
    They probably have a business of some kind.

    Slow walkers and/or people who take up a lot of space if your out walking.
    Sadly people go crazy here when they call for any snow. They'd never make it up north.

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    A Captain Marvel thread that talks about unequal pay.
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    Parents who show favoritism. I have one friend, a guy, who I'd known for three years before I knew he had three daughters. He can't stop talking or posting about his son. One day there were three little girls in one of the pictures. I didn't think anything of it until they showed up again a few days later. I asked him who they were and he said, "Oh, those are my daughters." I asked a follow-up question and all he talked about was his son. It was another year before I knew their names, or saw a glimpse of them in another picture. Another friend is the same way about her daughter. On the rare occasions when she mentions him, it's as "the boy," and everything he does is a disappointment. I had family growing up who behaved the same way. Several cousins are still in therapy over it.

    People who hold grudges when they're the ones at fault. We were in a carpool with my daughter's one friend a few years ago. Her parents weren't the most reliable or considerate people and we ended up dropping out of it. The dad was furious and left a few angry messages. I saw him last night for the first time in a couple years. He gave me an angry look and walked away, then had his daughter come over and call me a b****** (she came back and apologized later). Similarly, two weeks ago I ran into a guy who used to be one of my closest friends. I haven't seen him in over ten years and he quit communicating with me 8-9 years ago. He made a real *** out of himself one night when led to a big falling out with not just me but several other friends as well. When I ran into him, he refused to talk to me unless I apologized for what he did all those years ago.

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    Had same thing happen with me. Had a very close friend who was going to be my best man in my wedding. He starts dating a girl we both knew at the time and she started rumors about me. He decided to believe her, never tried to talk to me about it. Never even asked one question, just took her word for it. Well because of it haven't talked to him in over 15 years. Hope he thought it was worth it.

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    People who stink and dont do anything about it.
    People who wear their pants pulled down and or show their underwear.
    People who wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes.
    People who cant carry on a conversation without talking on their phones.
    People who are ugly on the inside.
    People who make faces all the time to communicate.
    People who curse like 95% of the time with no other verbal skills.
    People who breathe in your face alot when they talk.
    People who look like animals and push that fact.
    People who drive fat cars that pollute the environment because their gas systems arent fully refurbished.
    People who walk around with a smirk on their faces all the time.
    People who like to pretend they know what you are thinking and they are constantly making armpit squeeze noises.
    People who dont dress properly.
    People who dont eat with their mouth closed.
    People who are bandwagon fans of anything.
    People who are nasty and wild human beings.
    Oh maaaan that was my dinner.
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