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Thread: Things that drive you nuts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    if he threw the dead squirrel into your 'mulch', then I would equate it, to using your garbage can to throw out a candy wrapper. not a big deal. that's where candy wrappers GO, afterall.

    (IF he had thrown it into YOUR driveway, as opposed to his OWN driveway, then yeah.... dude's a *****. no excuse).
    Well the mulch area is in middle of my front lawn, a good couple of feet from the road. Driveway, grass or mulch area, I think its a d!ck move regardless.
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    Just went to see Jat and Silent bob reboot. when I got into the theater they started playing the first Jay and Bob Movie, and we were all puzzled, as this was a Fathom Special event (we had to skip the special ALIEN screening to see it) they have the print for one night only. well it turns out they did not have the correct digital projector to play the New movie, and told us at nearly 8pm that we would not be entitled to a refund, but given a voucher to possibly see it Thursday if they let them keep the print. A whole bunch of us met up, some driving over an hour just to all watch it together. I paid for the tickets on my card, and gave everyone their money back, feeling like it was my fault. The guys who drove from far away took the day off and everything... I am going to give Fandango a chance to refund my money, if they don't it's on like Donkey Kong...
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    Corporate stupidity: I had a lengthy meeting this evening with my manager over the fact that I haven't been logging my project time properly. We have multiple tools for logging our time. Not everyone on the team has to use each tool. I have to use four different tools. I log all my vacation in one, all my work hours in another, then all my work and vacation in another, and then itemize all my work and vacation time by type and specific codes in yet another. It's about as efficient as it sounds. The problem I ran into is that, since I don't work a standard shift, I don't enter standard values and none of my times ever match up with the tools used by HR. To get around this, I was told to enter standard values in some of the tools and actual values in others. HR did an end-of-the-financial-year accounting and I generated red flags all over the map. Even though I have all the emails from HR and my manager telling me to enter my time the way I did, they're all now saying that I did it all wrong and it's all my fault. I now have to go back through all my time sheets for the previous year and update them all so that everything comes out properly in their reports. I have to do this for three of the four tools (they don't run reports on the vacation-only tool). The first really big problem with that is that the reports look at each of the tools differently, so while I have to update each time sheet in each of the three tools, I have to enter new and different values for every single week. The second really big problem is that you have a very limited window in which you can make adjustments to old time cards--the previous pay period in one, two weeks in another, and back to the start of the current month in the third (so anywhere from 1-30 days). What that means is that I have to make all the changes manually. For one of the tools, I can do it all online, but it's a laborious process (make the changes, generate a form for each one, electronically initial each one, email each one to your manager for approval/initial/forward to HR). For the other two, it's even worse because I have to do paper time cards. For one, you do them online and print them out. For the other, you print them out and fill them out by hand. For both of those, you have to sign each individual paper time card and then either mail them or scan/email them to your manager, who has to go through and sign each one then mail or scan/email each individual one to HR. For all of them (online and paper), HR then approves and processes each one individually, sends a confirmation back to your manager who forwards each one individually to you, and you then have to go back and validate the changes. Adjustments for one of three tools is based on pay period, while the other two are weekly, so just in terms of emails, that comes out to approximately ((24x4)+(50x4)+(50x4)), or 496 emails. I have no idea how many man-hours it's actually going to come out to, but at the end of the day, the actual number of hours in each of the tools are either going to be the same, or very nearly the same, just with different values in different columns, and absolutely no change in billing or compensation. Plus, since there's literally no way to get this all done in the next two weeks, they've automatically gone in and entered generic values for the year as placeholders until I get the "corrected" values entered and approved so that their reports will show green by the deadline. Afterward, I have a strong suspicion they're going to ask me to push a big boulder up a steep hill.

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