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Thread: What can a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic be working on?

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    I’m thinking about doing something related to Hyperspace. What science can my scientist study about Hyperspace before he’s called away to deal with the supermassive black hole?

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    Depending on when your story is set, studying if/the hyperspace capabilites of Purgil and other creatures could be possible. Other ideas are how the mass of objects affects hyperspace (at what density will they pull an object out of warp?) and if certain shapes, metals affect how fast something can travel through it.
    Tracking an object through hyperspace, mapping routes, detecting life, different fuels, better sensors are also other things to study.

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    I decided that I’m going to have my scientist study an astrological body BUT it’s something that we haven’t identified in the real world. I’m no good at physics so I don’t know what kind of new astrological body I can make up. Does anybody have ideas for a fictional celestial body? Like something in the class of a quasar or a pulsar or a black hole

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    Iím going on a round for all the forums I posted on. Iím looking for something highly advanced.

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    Ok my scientist is studying sub-Hyperspace, the dimension in which quintessence can be turned into Phantom Energy and then travel to destroy star systems in real time. This is how Starkiller Base fires it’s weapon after draining a sun. (I’m sure Disney will explore it more in due time). However, in the mean time; I wonder what other things my scientist can study about it. Applications I’ve considered would be a sub-hyperdrive which would allow for instantaneous travel like Star Trek: Discovery’s Spore Drive. It also could be used for instant communications. Good stuff but too much of a gamechanger to tinker with. What else could my scientist be studying about sub-hyperspace?

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