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Thread: Yavin observation post

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    Yavin observation post

    This was a quick shelf dio for one figure, the Rebel Fleet Trooper seen when the Falcon arrives on Yavin IV. It utilizes a soup can and a piece of a tomato stake for the construction. Also used a little moss and some thyme grown in my garden for vines. Pretty simple to do and inexpensive. Also, partly inspired by this clip....

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    Awesome! Good thinking & nice job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathspawn9000 View Post
    I always wondered how he got up there....
    True that and how tall is it? Is it safe to jump from, in case of emergency?
    Other than that, not much else to do than keep watch in that barrel
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    Beautiful! Simple and effective
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    Actually seeing this again got me thinking about how close it resembles the lookout post on a very old ship - usually portrayed as a barrel.

    Besides from that, i really like the result. The moss and green make it look so good.
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