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Thread: Episode 9 Ship Speculation *Spoiler Warning*

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    That new frigate looks like it could be some type of troop transport - as there appears to be a large bay in the front.

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    Thanks for the pics Rev and DS

    Looking at the B Wing - is the main wing a bit longer than the OT classic, or am I imagining it ?
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    The center wing might be slightly elongated, just as the nose of the A-Wing is, considering these are upgraded versions of those models, not CW / Rebellion era technology anymore. If you take a look at some promotional pictures from the OT - the center wing does look smaller, but if you scroll down to a shot from the actual movie, they look very similar in length.

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    Thank you both
    formerly Boris :shame:

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    Hopefully we'll get to see them in action against a capitol ship in this movie.

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