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Thread: Fine Art Prints - Bottleneck, Sideshow etc

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    Fine Art Prints - Bottleneck, Sideshow etc

    I'm looking for a community of people that collect art prints. Can someone point me in the right direction? I've been collecting statues and busts for over 15 years but am new to art prints.

    Thanks for any help.

    PS - I'd also like to find somewhere to possibly trade prints.

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    I use Expresso Beans. I've got a fair collection of Star Wars, and non-SW prints, if you're looking to pick up anything.
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    Search for the group "Mondo Trader" on Facebook. They have a bustling community that has gotten me most prints that I have been looking for.

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    Thanks thenerdinator. That looks like a very useful group and i have asked to join.

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    Thank you for the quick replies. I've asked to join Mondo Trader and am looking into Expresso Beans.

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    No problem! Hope to see you in there.

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    Thank you,I have asked to join.
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