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Thread: What’s a vintage loose Yak Face go for these days?

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    A few mentioned the "wow" factor on the Yakface prices. For years i've been wondering why they had previously been so low. Without going into all the rediculousness of all the one off variations and TRUE RARE one of a kind type figs (this sticker, THAT sticker, This COO, THAT COO, whatever)...

    Of all the "regular production figures" (I'm including BLue Snag, Yak in here as well) When you search online, there's rarely more than a FEW of the carded on ebay at any one time, most sites have a couple offered at best. Loose you can find, but again, combining both the amount of carded AND loose.. they aren't smattered everywhere, and with them being released in Canada and the uniqueness of that situation, even a vintage loose one is pretty cool to have, and lots want him or wish they could have him.

    ...and he's one of the original vintage collection figs so if you truly want the whole collection.. guess what... you gotta have him !!!! So even in the $400 range.. still not too shabby.
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    Should of bought these when they were $150 that was a deal then...

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    I grabbed a NM one a couple months ago from a reputable seller and it cost me just over $300. I was prepared to pay between $400-$450, but kept fishing and asking around until I got lucky. His color is great and he has the tiniest boot scuff on the back of one boot. For for a $150 less than what I was prepared to pay, I was fine with it. Freed up some money that I put towards a mint gunner. Yak is becoming more and more elusive in nice condition.

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    I think I paid a little over 2 for mine. Thought that was high back then but it was shy of the going rate from a member here. Never really thought a loose figure would command so much.
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