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Thread: OT: Who is still around?

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    OT: Who is still around?

    Hey all

    so I am a long time reader of this forum as many of you know and I just wanted to know who all is still reading and replying to topics here, folks from the old days? How many long time scummers still reading these posts? Sound off if you are still around (even occasionally).
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    I bet there's more members that are just checking in and scanning through stuff quickly than those who actually post anymore. Social media has pretty much destroyed online message boards, sadly.
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    I try to check in daily but just mainly the photo and art boards now.

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    I prefer Rebelscum but as Chris said, social media has taken over.

    I've been checking Rebelscum since I have gotten up in the mornings for years. Still do.
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    I'm still here, but not as often
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    I wouldn't consider myself a long time member as there have been others far senior to my participation, but I don't sign in every day (because there doesn't seem to be anyone else here anymore), but I'm still around regularly. I didn't even have a Facebook account until seemingly everyone abandoned ship here. I hate to see the forums fading away.
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    This is still my last stop every weekday morning before digging into work.

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    Honestly, this is the first time I have logged onto my RS account in months, if not over a year. I used to love it here, but when everyone seemed to jump ship to facebook, there just has not been much going on here. I do miss the old days, though.

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    I check the forum from time to time. Yeah I do miss the old days when you would have to check in everyday to see what is going on in Star Wars world. Social media has changed this.
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