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    I must say that in the short time that DST bought GG I have gotten faster email responses than ever. There was a couple of issues with my orders and account that I couldn't correct on my own. I got replies and had the issues taken care of in no time. Keep up the GREAT work!

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    So this is an awesome promotion! How do you enter, or is it as simple as logging in?
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    Nice , good news Chuck ! Thanks !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Django View Post
    So this is an awesome promotion! How do you enter, or is it as simple as logging in?
    Per the RS front page, you have to buy an in-stock item to be entered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSTChuckPadawan View Post
    Free monthly bust drawing, added to the Premier Guild , effective immediately - thanks for the feedback.
    This is awesome.

    Good stuff!
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    My wishlist is a simple one -

    1 - International shipping
    2 - Make exclusives available to PG members

    If you can do that I'll be happy

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    Hi Chuck

    There are a couple of things that would be good.

    I am an international buyer so top of my list is to know that PGM will still be offered to me

    As an international customer it is the only way to get exclusive mini busts like the sdcc ones so for PGM to be able to get exclusives ( like they do now) would be amazing.

    I like that we can pick form a group of busts one to be made it makes you feel special as a PGM member.

    If at any point (as I haven't seen it anywhere yet) you can confirm you will still ship internationaly you will make my weekend

    Not to do with PGM but communication is good, it's always nice to know what's going on, what's being planed, what's in the pipeline.

    And thank you for asking Chuck.
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    Yo Chuck . Congrats on getting the Star Wars license approved for Gentle Giant !

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