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Thread: 6" Black Series and Assorted 3.75" Figures For Sale

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    6" Black Series and Assorted 3.75" Figures For Sale

    **No longer available-Please LOCK**

    I am offering up these figures for sale. I am the original owner, non smoking home and they are all in EXCELLENT condition. The prices are shipped in the U.S. I will ship outside the U.S. for actual shipping cost. Paypal Goods and Services accepted. Also, these Black Series figures are the ORIGINAL releases, no KO versions or counterfeits. They are all MOMC or very close-never opened or played with.

    1. Black Series 6" Darth Maul- 60.00
    2. Black Series 6" Boba Fett- 60.00
    3. Black Series 6" Anakin Skywalker- 90.00
    4. Black Series 6" Commander Cody- 50.00
    5. Black Series 6" Commander Gree- 35.00
    6. Black Series 6' Darth Revan- 35.00
    7. Black Series 6" Commander Wolffe- 35.00
    8. Black Series 6" Capt. Phasma w/Silverbolt (damaged version) 35.00
    9. Clone Wars 3.75" Darth Maul (green Canadian card w/droid legs)- 35.00
    10. Clone Wars Savage Opress w/Armor (blue card-original release) 50.00
    11. Star Wars Legacy Concept Art Anakin Skywalker (rare) 65.00

    I will make you a better deal if you buy multiples. If you want everything listed- I will sell for 425.00 shipped in the U.S.
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    PM'd good sir
    Wants: Commander Gree, Zuckuss, Battle Damaged Phasma

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    Please Lock Thread-no Longer Available

    These are no longer available

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