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Thread: Defining a "In The Wild' Find

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarFin View Post
    I found these on Craigslist today, I paid $20 for the pair, was that a wild find?
    My opinion, yes. Congrats on the nice find.

    My largest hauls have materialized via Craigslist (living in a densely populated metropolitan area certainly helps with this and you have to be quick). Been in a lot of basements sifting through childhood collections, the $7 I once paid for a DROIDS pop-up R2 comes to mind... that came from a MIM Darth Vader MOC ad I responded to that I ended up paying $20 for... The list goes on.

    *edit: Hell, my avatar picture... Craigslist... paid $280 for 10 boxed vehicles, with inserts and a complete Reebo band.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WampasGottaEat2 View Post
    Yeah you did good man. That Vader's a toughy to find
    Good deal then. I don't collect the coins, I guess it's a good start if I decide too.

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    This popped up on my areas craiglist today, they want $300. I don't collect die cast but that's probably an ebay pricing?

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    Yeah in that condition it's going to go for at least half that price. Bubble looks nice, but the card has some edge wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharky View Post
    Of course there's the occasional find actually in the wild. I remember my brother found the gun for the G1 Transformers Grimlock in a grassy field near our home.
    I had one of those true "in the wild" finds recently -- my parents were having their back yard dug up for a new patio and my childhood Chewbacca, Jedi Luke and Bossk surfaced in the process. They were in surprisingly great shape for being buried for nearly 35 years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobotscomb View Post
    In the wild for me has always been somewhere it is not considered nor sold as a collectible. Like a yard sale a retail store if new. If it has changed hands in a comic store or toy shop it's not in the wild. Its been brought to a specific market as a collectible.
    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I think this is the perfect definition.

    For example, one of my managers from work found a Blue Snaggletooth at our local Salvation Army Store, in bag full of other secondhand toys, for $1.49. And this wasn't even a long time ago, this was last month. I would consider that an "in the wild" find. However, if I were to buy a Blue Snaggletooth from a local comic shop for $200, then that would not be "in the wild".

    I used to consider finds at comic shops part of the "In the wild" category. But after reading these two posts, I think I'll drop those from my list. If they are in a comic or pawn shop, they were brought there specifically to be sold, and then resold to other collectors.

    Yard sales, flea markets or GoodWill type places all still qualify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WampasGottaEat2 View Post
    The term "in the wild" gets thrown around these days with about as much frequency as the term "grail" does. So what to you defines a true "in the wild" find? Do you call it such when purchasing something from another collector who is currently collecting? Or from one who is getting out of the hobby? Or do you only count it when it's a cold call type situation? To you is it strictly a childhood collection or something that someone started collecting years ago, boxed up and just forgot about for a decade until they decided to sell it? To me, it's defined as any pick up that you physically have to leave your home to seek out, not something you had shipped to your home via ebay or another online outlet. But with so many different varieties of pick up situations these days I'm curious to know, what is your true definition of an in the wild find?

    In in the car world its called a true barn find
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