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Thread: Here's a Fun one. How did Vader follow Leia to Tatooine at the start of ANH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobalt60 View Post
    like I said it wasn't my theory, but I did think it was "fun", so I contributed.

    what's your "fun" theory, VF? surely you must have one.

    I notice you haven't contributed to your own thread. that's very telling.*

    read the thread again: you set this whole thing up, (in the name of "fun"), and then you attacked anyone who was gracious enough to respond. LOL

    (disingenuous much?)

    * you obviously don't agree with this plot point, or you'd have a fun theory of your own.

    you personally think it's a plot hole. (admit it).

    --> this means you disagree with ANYONE who approaches your thread at "face value" and attempts an explanation. (good game).

    --> this means your entire thread was just a veiled invitation for sparring partners.

    ^^ this is the definition of a troll thread: "Here's a Fun one", indeed. LOL

    I could smell your crap a mile away.
    Exactly Cobalt. Don't worry, everybody agrees with you and sees through Vicaracist_Fan's crap.

    The best thing to do at this point is to just not feed the troll.

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    At one point in the EU it was stated that the other protocol droid, U-3PO, who you see on the
    Tantive IV
    at the very beginning of the film is a sleeper agent for the Empire and alerted the Star Destroyer
    to the location of the
    Tantive IV
    . That probably has been de-canonized since but while we're on the subject, the Star Destroyer which blows up in the distance during the Battle of Endor when Admiral Ackbar is giving commands to the fighters to destroy the
    was at one time said to be the

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