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Thread: Cantina

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    Those wall thicknesses to the alcoves are perfect! I know what you mean about the tables; I replaced old ones I made from PVC caps with casts of the Hasbro one
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    Curious , what parts did you use for your rycar , nice
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    Thanks for the comments! Stan, the head is a VOTC Obi Wan with some added hair. The rest is mostly a VOTC Han with his limbs trimmed down a good bit and the retooling necessary for sockets to work again. The vest is the one from that same Han torso where I dremeled out the majority of material to leave just a vest.
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    Holy crap, yodashizzle! Just saw this for the first time and it's looking amazing! I especially like all the details on the cupboard, and the customs

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    The paint job is really make it come to life. You did a fine job on the sparkle and wood work too. Can’t wait to see more progress shots.

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