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Thread: Correct blaster for Vinyl Cape Jawa

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    Correct blaster for Vinyl Cape Jawa


    I have a genuine Vinyl Cape Jawa but it's missing the blaster. Which of the many variants is the correct one?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Stealing from an old thread, but here ya go:

    "It's an older thread sir, but it checks out. I was about to clear them"


    "For Jawas on Star Wars cards I have seen -
    12-backs - Blasters with and without the side button
    20-backs - Blasters with and without the side button
    21-backs and onwards - Blasters with side buttons

    It would not surprise me to find a 21-back or later with
    one of these guns, but it is safe to say that they are an
    earlier release.

    But my carded Vinyl Cape 12-A
    has a blaster with the side button

    I added a pic for you - hope this helps!
    - Graham"

    I'm stealing the above in quotes from Black_Falcon who replied to the further above link.

    Seems like there is some variation, so you've got some options. Hope that helps

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    Thanks for your reply. I did trying searching for previous threads - honest!

    So it seems like either of the following ones which have a button would be okay?

    There's also this one which has no button but is up for a slightly higher price:

    I'm surprised that there is so much variation given the small production run of these Jawas.

    Thanks again,


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    I believe grading companies will accept either however a few years ago on one of the Facebook groups everyone with a carded vcj was asked which blaster they had and they all had the bump version I think...

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    Both side bump and no side bump versions are correct as long as the rifle is dark blue/green, not lighter blue/green, and smooth plastic, not textured plastic.

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    just re checked mine, and it's got the bump. for whatever help that is.

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    Mine has side button on his weapon.

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