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Thread: WTB: 1978 Die Cast Land Speeder Windshield

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    WTB: 1978 Die Cast Land Speeder Windshield

    Looking to buy a 1978 Die Cast Land Speeder Windshield, can't find that part anywhere. If you have one you can spare let me know!

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    I feel your pain as I too am on the hunt for one. Found the Landspeeder at a flea market for just a couple of bucks; thing looked just about brand new. I'm thinking 'what a steal!' Get it to the car and something No windshield! Fabulous! To say I felt like an idiot for not noticing it earlier is an understatement. This was around a year ago, now, still looking for that windshield!
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    I hear you! I've been looking for over a year and haven't found one, not even as part of a group lot. Tough piece!

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