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Thread: Lando Calrissian - Skiff Guard - Walmart Exclusive

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    I haven't attended a MM event since ROTS. IMO I don't feel that I'm missing anything. Back then you could walk away with pretty close to two cases of Figures, a few Ships/Vehicles, couple Deluxe Sets etc.
    Today you'd be lucky enough to fine 2 figures at any given store. While great on the wallet, it's not even worth it for me to drive that far or the gas.

    Especially since you have to get 98.8% of the items you do want online.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    If you want to keep the one you got carded, order a loose figure from Tunghori. He sells this guy WITH a blaster!
    thanks, awesome. May do that thanks
    3.75" line = still my fav way to collect SW figs!

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    With this being the last of the Skywalker trilogy Walmart and Target would get as much stuff in as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HothHan View Post
    That pretty much what I'm planning on doing. Going to just hit Amazon/Dorkside at midnight and get what I can. I'll head out to Walmart and Target in the morning and see if they actually stocked anything. I'm assuming both stores are supposed to have some sort of TFF exclusives. I'm confident I'll get whatever Target is offering but I'm just accepting that the Yavin Luke from Walmart is going to be a hole in my collection for awhile.
    I just broke down and ordered the loose figure from Tunghori. I'm hoping to find one carded at some point, but at least my "opener" will already be taken care of.

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    If you're looking for one in the Cleveland area, there's a ton over at the Mayfield Walmart.
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    I left about 12 landos behind at walmart around the lansing area in michigan
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    There were a TON of these Landos in the one Wal-Mart I went in, which is funny because they didn't get the Jabba's Palace set at all. It's like they are splitting the exclusives between small and large stores. The Landos were all at a smaller Wal-Mart, but I found every TVC figure outside of the Knight of Ren.
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    Nice to see these are plentiful now. The card art looks strangely blurry to me.

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    No luck on Lando in MN. He was the only thing I was really looking for. Hopefully he will show up in the following days.

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    A whole bunch today at two of my Walmarts, in the TFF four sided black displays, I counted about 10 of them, grabbed on for myself.
    Glad to see he's back in stock after the fiasco earlier in the year.

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