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Thread: More things I cant seem to find a value for!

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    More things I cant seem to find a value for!

    I have more things I cant find values for!

    Pbp Han solo large head (65 back if that matters)

    Leia bespin on 41d

    R2d2 sensor scope on jedi 77b with German label on back

    Bespin guard(white) palitoy 45 back

    Imperial tie fighter pilot 77b Canadian card

    Cloud car pilot on 48a

    Death squad commander on 20f

    Han solo on 21b

    Fx7 on 41d

    Any knowledge you guys have would be helpful, even a direction I can look.. thanks

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    Revenge of the Jedi Luke other proof

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    Luke Hoth.... sorry autocorrect got me

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    The proof is right for all of us to use in different places.
    you have allowed this dark Lord to twist your mind, until now, until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

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