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Thread: Darth Maul - Celebration Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    I've got the bootleg too. Gonna get the archive release, and stick the bootleg on the cheapo mash ups speeder I picked up.
    Ah, yes, you are the one I got it from I never thought I'd get a "legit" version though. But am happy that I was able to get the bootleg one. He is a pretty good substitute!
    "her arc is to actually get bored of being powerful" - MauLer on YT, A Critique of SWTLJ, p.3

    My custom Hoth Rebel Turret thread

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    I have two bootleg versions, but will likely get an archive version too.

    Don't care too much about the special packaging version. (Unless I could get one easily.)

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    Has anyone figured out what would be the best way to protect this figure?
    I want to get some figure shields, but am unsure about the dimensions of the card.

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    Good question. I hope I can get one each at SWCC and bring them all the way across the Atlantic in my checked luggage on pristine cards / bubbles.

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