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Thread: Grand Moff Tarkin - Retro Figure

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    Tarkin with the OG kenner Death Star would have been amazing. That said,the game is cool in a nostalgic way and way more affordable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    IĀ’m sorry but that Wonder Woman looks horrid. Back on topic though. I did wish that Tarkin should have been packed with some better then a board game. I would have preferred the Palitoy Deathstar the reason is back a few years ago Hasbro rereleased the Cobra missile Command Headquarters that came out in 1982 as a Sears exclusive for SDCC. Even came with the 3 figures the original playset came with( Cobra Commander, officer and Soldier). It was a really good representation.
    yeah I do agree about the mego WW. I guess they did it that way to avoid any "wardrobe malfunctions" while the intended, or assumed, male child was playing w/ it--(lack of better terms here, lol) Catwoman, and Tarzan megos was the same way. Green Arrow too but that I assumed was done to utilize the alternate glove designs to allow him to hold his bow. Yet Isis' outfit was not silkscreened. I wish Captain America was done in a similar way as Green Arrow and Green Goblin in regards to sleeves and gloves vs the Batman/Robin/Aquaman oven mitten gloves. Anywoo...Tarkin looks great, I still have not opened my game to remove Tarkin yet (been 3 months) but then again, I haven't open any TVC all this year except Jabba's palace set. I need to start opening them to display. I just been too really, was too busy w/ going back to grad school. and work to take the time.
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    $15.99 at
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    Quote Originally Posted by AaylaSecurasMan View Post
    $15.99 at
    Yup, in my store too. Picked up another one for fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkManX View Post
    Tarkin with the OG kenner Death Star would have been amazing. That said,the game is cool in a nostalgic way and way more affordable.
    Or even that Palitoy one...
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    I had this game as a kid and loved playing it back in the day. So I thought it was cool that they brought it back.

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    I find it ironic that Barns and Noble is getting this in now. Wish they could get the other Retros.

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    This was never an exclusive in the first place. Despite Hasbro saying wave 1 retros are returning as fan channel only, ive had them bookmarked on and they are still listed as merely out of stock. While Han Stormtrooper is marked as no longer available... So maybe the stores that are now hetting the game have a shot at retros?

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    This guy would sell better at 15.99 without the game.

    The game is a waste. The box could have contained Tarkin with the Palitoy Death Star playset. It’s just some sturdyish flat cardboard and small plastic extras but wow this would have become a legendary set to have.

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