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Thread: Tatooine Skiff

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandAdmiralJSK View Post
    This is the highlight of Toy Fair for me, for sure. Im so glad I didn't cave and purchase any of those old ones and excessive prices. Bummer for those that did.

    Grabbed two as soon as they came up on pulse, now its just the waiting game.
    Me too. I was seriously considering getting one of the old ones but then I figured with the Barge coming they would be foolish to not release some new skiffs.

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    TBH I'm genuinely surprised that it's new, i just thought they repack the old one and call it a day. Considering their love for repacks, and saving costs. I am pleasantly surprised though, as from what i can tell, it looks pretty darn cool!

    Quote Originally Posted by CHEWIE View Post
    Amazing how quick stuff sells when Hasbro puts the effort in...
    Agreed, I wonder if the got the hint yet...

    Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come, and the possibility of getting stuff that has been off the table since Disney.

    As for being sold out already, I hope they are on the ball when it comes to restocking. Or we're going to have bunch of unhappy campers, having the only outlet sell out in minutes and to be gone.
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    Sigh- I had just repainted my 2 old ones for my diorama of the Pit of Carkoon, but now I don't know... maybe I'll see how I feel when they are available in stores!

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    Someone with an existing skiff that has a Toy Fair badge and New York residence needs to take that puppy into the show this weekend and photograph them side-by-side.

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    Or just any 3 and 3/4 inch figure which might br more feasible.
    How do we not have an Arc Trooper Fives in the 3 & 3/4 in. line yet?

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    I missed the pre-order, but the thing isn't even shipping until October, so I'm not worried about it at all yet. Figure they'll make plenty more. Bet we'll see this hit shelves on Force Friday, that is if Force Friday actually happens and we don't get a repeat of Wookiee Weekend.

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    This looks amazing! If it doesn't come back in stock I will dive headfirst into the sarlacc that is my tortured soul.
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    It comes across as rather odd to me that this skiff is priced at $39.99. I say that because if the 20-year-old Tatooine Skiff were rereleased today it would be $39.99 at the least, and 49.99 if it were a store exclusive.
    Now, undoubtedly this new Haslab Skiff is much more articulated and finely designed, but at that low a price, I have to wonder what the dimensions will be. I’d love to see the 2 side-by-side if only to compare size.

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    I hope us international collectors will get a chance to purchase this for an acceptable price (in the 75-90 range) someday.
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