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Thread: FS: Set of Carded 40th Anniversary Figures 13 Figures (Wave 1 + Wave 2 + R5D4 and Vader)

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    FS: Set of Carded 40th Anniversary Figures 13 Figures (Wave 1 + Wave 2 + R5D4 and Vader)

    I am selling my set of 40th Anniversary Figures. The set is unopended and IMO is in pretty great condition. (I generally don't like the word mint, but these are all pretty good without any easily noticeable/if any flaws in my opinion). I am looking to get my cost back for these figures so I am selling the set for $280. Buyer pays the exact cost of shipping and paypal as a gift. I will be double boxing the set to ensure they don't get damaged in shipment. Please let me know if you are interested.

    Wave 1:

    Wave 2:
    Death Squad Commander
    Sand Person

    Gamestop R2D4
    Vader (with Red Eye Variation) - without the display stand.

    I can provide more pictures if anyone is interested.

    I will not break up the sets. thanks!

    In case anyone wants to estimate shipping, shipping the box dimensions (for the mint packaged figure) is 18x16x16 and the weigh is 9lbs 4oz. I'll be shipping from 23834. Hopefully if you go to you can determine a decent estimate. Of course, if you choose to purchase, I will refund any difference between paid shipping and actual price.

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    I forgot to add that I will throw in a sealed Vader w/ display stand as well.

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    Received items today and left you feedback, if you could leave me feedback as well it would be appreciated.

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    Smooth transition, thanks! Please close as these are sold.

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