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Thread: Rey 1:6 Scale Statue

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    Rey 1:6 Scale Statue

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    Just been looking at the sneak peeks on Facebook, old man Luke is the main point of interest for me, this one isn’t speaking to me but I’ve already got a Rey mini-bust so I feel that’s enough for my collection.
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    Didn’t pick up the Rey mini bust because was waiting for this. Loved the Padme/Yoda statue and hoping Rey & BB8 can display on the same base. Definiate purchase for me.

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    Going by what has been shown at the fair, the focus under the new ownership will be on the
    st movies. I feel sorry for people collecting the OT and pt. You are being phased out.

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    I like that Rey but a Rey mini-bust is good enough for me.
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    TFA Rey is my favorite version of her. I have the mini bust and would gladly pick this up too but Iím not sold on the face and the wind-blown hair

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    I think you guys are full of crap about this swapping thing going on. How we do know its not you that you're doing the swapping yourself?

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    Rey looks good but I'm not getting it. I'm good with my SS PF.
    BB-8's antennas are again screwed up, same as the holiday bust.

    Hang on a second...I just saw this photo over at Yodasnews. They're giving her blue boots?!?

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    I only buy the mini-busts, statues take up too much space, I do like the BB-8 but as I have the mini-bust I feel he’s covered in my collection for the time being..., hoping they’ll keep doing a mixture of the movie characters but I guess we’ll see once the PGM & Comic Con announcements are made (if the PGM is continuing under the new owners).
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