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Thread: Luke Skywalker - The Last Jedi Mini Bust

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    Just ordered from GG... my 15$ off PGM coupon worked and they're not charging tax... so it was $83 shipped.

    So far this Diamond Select purchase is a-okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_kessel_run View Post
    Thanks Kev, will be placing my order soon but hoping it doesn't come with a £53 customs bill, that's just bonkers, who delivered it?
    UPS but I’ve opted for USPS this time as Royal Mail only charge £8.00 for handling where as UPS charged me £12.00 for that service..., FedEX never charged me at all but we’ve lost that option now unfortunately.
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    I'm liking the look of this one. And this price is definitely more inline with what a mini bust should cost. Good job DST !

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    With the PGM discount heís $84.99 & postage/shipping was just over $25.00..., Hera had no discount & I had to pay over $46.00 to have her shipped & then got a customs bill of near on £53.00 this end, still going to get a customs bill for Luke but as itís cheaper so should the next bill be (I hope).
    £53??? I think I used the cheapest option available on Hera (UPS I think). Paid my Royal Mail charge and it was £13 which to me is acceptable.

    On the Luke Minibust, love the likeness and also like the price (& shipping cost). Looking good so far for DST personally. If they carry on then I'll be happy to pre-order all my stuff through them.

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    Ordered, used my $15 off code, very reasonable shipping. Now hoping for a £13 customs charge so it'll come in just over £90 in total.

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    That was the cheapest UPS shipping, this time I went for USPS instead to try & keep costs down a bit, much prefer FedEX but it’s no longer an option for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    .., Now I’d like a proper old man Luke mini-bust plus an older version of Han, Leia & Lando...
    I'm right there with you Kevb0977, I preordered the Luke and have been waiting for Ep7 Han and Leia and now Ep9 Lando. I think they could knock all of them out of the park.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevb0977 View Post
    much prefer FedEX but it’s no longer an option for us.

    Really? Well, that sucks.

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