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Thread: Luke Skywalker - The Last Jedi Mini Bust

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    Post Luke Skywalker - The Last Jedi Mini Bust

    Just went up on GG FB

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    Hopefully the likeness will be there when it comes to release but at least the prototype shows a promising start.
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    You beat me to the post ! Just saw these on FB. Not bad additions.

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    What we need now is the actual old man Luke.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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    I’d have rather had beginning of TLJ / End of TFA Luke instead of dyed beard like, but ok.

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    How does this look great but their ROTJ SDCC Bust was hideous.

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    Over a year since the film was released, they finally reveal their first TLJ bust.

    They need to get their schedule together. Clone Wars, The Mandolorian and EP9 come out during the fall/winter season. They should start teasing things during the summer and at least have a few products up for pre-order when these shows/movies release.

    Saying that, it looks pretty good honestly, if I didn't despise that film, I'd pick it up.
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    Just for Men Luke doesn’t look bad, but I would only buy the old man Luke from the end of TFA.

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    Nice looking bust but no TLJ stuff for me.

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    Same here - will not buy any TLJ stuff. That movie should be wiped from existence.

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