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Thread: New 'kenner style retro 3.75" Star Wars line coming...

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    New 'kenner style retro 3.75" Star Wars line coming...

    Yakface is reporting Hasbro is going to have a retro line of Star Wars figures coming out that will match the style of the original vintage figures.


    I'm cautiously optimistic, it'd be great to get vintage style PT/ST and OT figures that were never made.

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    I hope they look excellent and fit in with the original figures as seamlessly as possible. I hope some of them are kinda goofy too (like onesie Hammerhead). That being said, I hope we just get characters and versions of characters that didn't exist in the original line. Give us a Slave Leia, don't do another Hoth Leia and try to make it look like the one we already have. I think they will either excel with this line, or fail miserably.
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    Very interesting... This could be really cool if done right and carefully. I’d love to see new vintage style figures, ships, and play sets that were never made back in the day. Vintage packaging and vintage card backs with vintage style smaller bubbles would be a major bonus. I just don’t want to see already released vintage figures and playsets reissued....
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    This is very exciting! I imagine they will all be figures never released from the OT as well as figures from the PT and ST. However, I wouldn't mind if they re-did the original Kenner figures as well like was done w/ the original MOTU line several years back. Seems doubtful though.


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    I have asked for this many many many times over the years. There are tragic holes in the vintage lines that only customizers can fill. I even made correct versions of some of the figures like Han with blue pants and such. Let's hope Tarkin and the missing cantina aliens get their due. I wouldnt even mind them reissuing figures from the original molds but corrected and updated. Imagine Luke farmboy with brown hair and a blie saber. Or a fully painted Vader. This should please those of us that fondly love the vintage stuff. But there is plenty of room to mess it up too. And I agree 70s style sculpts please.

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    Funny this has come up. I have been researching some custom figures but I have been reluctant to tear apart some vintage pieces to make the unmade figures I wish to have.

    I have been eyeing the custom Han stormtrooper so maybe they would make him and he would fit right in with the others.

    So, needless to say, I will play the wait and see game before I go any deeper.
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    To make this a hit they would have to offer original trilogy figures first. Including some debut as retro like Han stormtrooper, rebel fleet trooper, Tarkin, and Slave Leia. Nobody wants retro Jyn Urso Snoke, Cassian Andor,or Kylo in first wave.

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    Hopefully, they will at least make new vintage looking sculpts for the already existing figures and weapons, so they aren’t the same as the “authentic” vintage ones. The last thing the hobby needs is more repro figures and accessories floating around the market...
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    So long as it only consists of characters/vehicles that were never released before. Reissues would be a bad idea. The POTF2 vintage style figures that were released in the Classic Edition 4-Pack were terrible so it depends how well they execute the new line.

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