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Thread: New 'kenner style retro 3.75" Star Wars line coming...

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    id like to see original sculpts used to augment figures like these... Sorry the pics are sideways have to figure out how to rotate them...
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    Those are some cool customs! Anakin's body for Obi-wan!

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    Thanks I have more to share but posting photos from my cell phone it's causing a lot of issues.
    If they did figures like this I don't think anybody would complain.
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    Probably won’t be the popular opinion, but hey... my vote is for straight reissues of all the original figures. Mine were all stolen in 83 and I’ve only collected the modern era (95 and up).
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post
    Super7 ?
    They are the ones doing the ReAction figures. Vintage-style figures that were never made, but made to look like they might've looked back in the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post
    Can't stop the moving train however , if they reissue figures, the dates on the legs shouldn't even be there.
    They probably would do the digital stamp on the bottom of the figure, like they do with their other modern releases. If they do re-release original figures they do really need to be differentiated somehow. I can still see people getting confused and trying to sell them as true vintage, however.

    They are supposedly revealing more tomorrow. Most likely at the NY Toy Fair.

    All that said, I am not all that overly enthusiastic about this. I will probably buy everything, though.
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    There's nothing that says its going to be star wars toys.
    It only says its an original Kenner toy could be M.A.S.K or any other line.

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    Some images of this retro line stolen from the ToyRun Facebook page. Credit to Ryan Farnam. They are currently viewable as on pre-order at it seems. Seems the first 6 is viewable. Will the Jawa get a vinyl cape? Will Ichy, Mala and the rest of Chewiee's family get made along with Tarkin, Luke in Robes, Yarna, Droids/Ewoks and other vintage prototypes never to reach production? Even though I'm probably not going to collect these if they do produce some of those vintage prototypes in the vintage style and vehicles and/or beast prototypes of the Tantive IV, Bantha, Falcon/mini rig-hauler I may have to.

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    This is a bad idea. Leave the original stuff alone.
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    I didn't expect them to do reissues. I'll bet the quality of the figs is nothing like the originals. Still not a good idea IMO. I might be interested in characters not previously made.

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    May you live in interesting times.

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