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Thread: Hutt council complete

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    All I could say when I saw these completed and painted was a quote by Steve Buscemi from Fargo.....

    ...whoa, daddy...........whoa, daddy.......
    " what is to gain by partaking in a thread that does not concern/interest you. Say I pass and move on it's that simple" MasterFett-Bastila Shan thread-2-14-11

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediJJep View Post
    Did you say you had NOT customized before? Hasbro should hire you. These are most impressive.
    "The Marvel and Transformers team must share a lunch table.
    Star Wars must have sat with GI Joe team." ~ indysolo007

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    They turned out truly excellent! I hope the Hutt Clan makes a return on The Mandalorian.

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