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Thread: Poll - SW: Resistance - Your thoughts on the show?

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    I talked all kinds of **** about this show. Thumbs down voted the trailers. Acted pretty ignorant...

    Wound up absolutely loving it and binge watching the whole season on Disney NOW.

    The finale was fantastic. There are some really cool PT call outs throughout the entire season (totally Wizard...!). The juvenile nature is there but by the middle of the season it really steps aside. This show finally gave Phasma something to do and the way it synched up with TFA was executed very well.

    I'm unfortunately not really looking forward to Season 2 because it's probably going to tie in to the abomination known as TLJ. But for what this was I thought it was great and fit in nicely with what I consider to be end of the canon (TFA).

    It really sucks that TLJ just absolutely destroyed this era of Star Wars for me.

    Edit (and spoiler):

    Considering that the Colossus may NOT not be going to D' it possible that they end up in the Unknown Regions and happen to come across Ezra and Thrawn? Thrawn would be pretty old but Ezra wouldn't and who knows what kind of shenanigans those ridiculous space whales could have come up with that mess with the ageing of Thrawn and Ezra. After all Filoni is involved here and he seems to like keeping his characters involved throughout shows. Probably a real long shot but who knows...
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