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Thread: WTB Salacious Crumb

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    WTB Salacious Crumb

    I'm looking to buy one of the large latex Salacious Crumbs Disney Parks had available a few years ago, ideally for as close to the original cost as possibe plus postage to the UK.

    Now - I'm not after the limited edition version with fhe Disney Weekends pillow - the later release will be fine. I'm not sure if that also came with a pillow, but if so, I don't need it. The figure doesn't even need to be in perfect condition - my kid and I put together a Mandalorian costume for him for this year's cons, and he's decided he needs a Kowakian Monkey Lizard (to be called Jango!) on his shoulder to complete his appearance (and explain the scratches on fhe helmet!). As such, I'm not too bothered about any minor damage to the rubber/paint. Even a couple of larger rips/knocks in the rubber could probably be disguised somehow...

    Can anyone help?

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    I've got one of these packed away in storage somewhere, I just don't know exactly where as I currently have all my stuff in two different places (my place and another location). If you can't find anyone who has this for sale I can dig mine up and am willing to let it go for a fair price + postage. I'll start looking through my place tonight to see if it is in one of the bins that I have.

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    Great - thank you very much.

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    Found mine, PM sent.

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