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Thread: Found one of my Holy Grails !

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    Travis, love the story you've told. The Power of the Force cards have always been one of my favorite designs, and in fact what got me into collecting action figures back in '95 when I first saw them hanging from the pegs at Toys R Us. While I long ago sold my complete POTF2 collection, I kept the ones I had signed by some of the actors , including Carrie Fisher. Great knowing you were involved with the development of the card backs.
    Thanks Julian. It was a cool time indeed and really cemented me getting deeper into SW. I myself collected the Orange, Green POTF2 waves while in college and owned them all, including the photo/foil variants, the movie Special Editions giveaways, Shadows of the Empire, etc. To be part of the creative team a couple years later was something I would've never dreamed I would of had the opportunity to do.

    Another friend of mine from college went on to work for Happy Meal toy designs in Kansas, because he had a SW Pez fan page he designed. The Art Director there was a Pez collector. I mean I remember him working on the page in the library, and when he got the email from her asking if he would consider moving to Kansas. Cool times.

    Back to the POTF2 cards. The lead artist also had worked up lots of concepts that featured other characters heads instead of Vader: Boba Fett, Stormtrooper were a couple he submitted. Blue cards (which came into use in AOTC, I found that ironic as he had pitched that idea almost a decade earlier). His plan was for every year a new helmeted character would get a card. It was scrapped but IMO those were far superior than the repeating Vader head. It was what lead to Darth Maul being used as a head in TPM figures I was told though.
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    Nice, I have a few of these. I think this kind of thing might have done a bit better as a modern blind-box toy or something.

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    You’re probably right Jabba

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