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Thread: Hyperreal Line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    Officially don't care. I've invested too much time, effort and money collecting 6" to go up another scale again.

    Yeah, 6 inch is the only scale I will go up to. If Hasbro is trying to reintroduce the 12 inch line(Collector series)that would be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBayBlue View Post
    Maybe I'll change my mind when I see them, but my initial reaction is, no way.
    Agree completely. I'm already running out of space with the 6" lads and this seems to be a bigger scale.

    And I won't make the same mistake I made with the 6" line again, in that I said to myself, "I'll limit it to stormtroopers only, cos they looked cool".

    100 or so figures later it's clear that that plan failed...and failed miserably.

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    I dont have the room nor the money

    BUT! I may bite on the odd one here and there if they are decent enough

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    Lol. This is exactly the same discussion we had six years ago when the six inch line debuted. Who are you kidding guys.

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    I would have to see them in hand or person to make a BIG decision on this new, more articulated line. Personally, I think Hasbro should be thinking about retooling the older Blue and Oranges releases with the new face print tech as well as other 6 inch figures.
    Only once that is done, then move onto something new like this. I feel like Hasbro is spreading their self thin with all of this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    Yeah, 6 inch is the only scale I will go up to. If Hasbro is trying to reintroduce the 12 inch line(Collector series)that would be interesting.
    They arent. This is a higher end, limited edition line (like Mezco One:12) that will only have a couple figures per year at the most (and that’s if the line takes off).

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    The discussion over at Yakface has actually piqued my interest in this line. Knowing what it's compared to helps me visualize it a bit.Their list has three figures listed, Vader, Luke, and Rey. The Luke has E8 listed next to the name, so I'm not sure of any of those three figures would appeal to me. I'm a huge Luke fan, but the ST is not my cup of tea, so Luke would have to be extremely well-done for me to be interested. I've skipped all of the 6" ST Lukes and the HT ST Lukes, so I'm not sure I'd be willing to shell out that kind of money for a 7" E8 Luke.

    It would be nice if some of the figures would be companion pieces (I guess Luke and Rey would, but Rey doesn't interest me in this scale). Vader's a classic, but if they offered Obi-Wan (ANH) or stormtroopers to flank him, that would make him more interesting to me. If the line tanks and they only make three, then I guess it won't matter.
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    While some collectors may buy them right off the start at retail price, I would assume that most will wait for the discounts to roll out. This spells doom for the line.

    I don't know why this new line would be a direction Hasbro would go in. It really has no chance of succeeding with other large figure, highly-articulated lines.

    I would definitely pass on this.
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    If that's true, this idea is HyperRidiculous. I know that people will buy Hot Toys and Mezco, etc., but that niche of collecting seems like an odd one to court unless you are planning on going totally into the collector market. They couldn't sell an $80 6" TIE. They couldn't sell an $80 HoverTank. Or maybe those things sold well and seeing them at half price is just the way things sell these days?

    Don't expect these at retail. The Star Wars section around me is down to lightsabers, a peg or 2 for 6" and a peg or 2 for 3.75".
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    Like other have said, I will have to see them first, but can't really see myself getting into another line. I'm not a fan of the Mezco 1/12 figures, so that comparison does make these any more tempting. I guess we'll see soon enough at Toy Fair.
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