I am interested in vintage star wars figures, vehicles and playsets.
I am not interested in anything that is custom made or a modern version or any kind of reproduction at all.
I am only interested in 100 % pure vintage original items.

Regarding the vehicles and playsets
I dont need any boxes, inserts or instruction sheets or catalogs.
Its a fun plus if they are available, but I dont really need them.
However the toy itself must be in more or less new mint unplayed with condition, with either unapplied stickers or applied stickers but still in "minty" condition.
Please let me know if you have anything.

Max Rebo
Darth Vader
cloud car pilot
Rebel hoth soldiers ( hong kong only )
Death squad commanders

Ewok battle wagon
cantina playset
Dagobah playset

Millennium Falcon
Rebel Transport
Imperial Shuttle

Endor ranger
Radar laser canon
Maintenance energizer

Ewok glider ( MIB or MISB )