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Thread: Need space!!!!!

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    Need space!!!!!

    It's been at least 3 years since I've posted but my toy room is running out of space. I've got at least 4 bigger boxes of stuff needing to go. Some items are a little rough on card but others nice. Everything from bendems ( single and box sets) to early 2000s He-man stuff to hot wheel treasure hunts to starting lineup sports. Looking to trade for most anything(Star Wars or Funko too). And yes I need most Episode 1 figures too. If anyone is interested please Pm me. Wanting my floor space back to walk. Thanks for looking.

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    Trading does not have to be figures either. I just really want this stuff to go to someone to build their collection.

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    Do you have a list of stuff you have?

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    Trying to post pics. Having trouble so will make list of items soon.

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    In process of making a haves list. To be posted very soon.

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    This is the Haves List.

    Star Wars-

    Saga Blue Card Mace Windu Deluxe w/ red battle droidMicro Machines Action Fleet Battle Pack #5 (card damaged)
    Silver Toys R Us R2-D2
    Silver 2003 Boba Fett (Convention Figure)
    Orange Card POTF Yoda (card damaged)
    OTC #33 Slave Leia
    Slave I Boba Fett tech diagram poster
    Clone Wars animated Obi-Wan
    FF Leia in Ewok celebration outfit
    POTF Green Card Comm Tech Han (card damaged)
    POTF Green Card Garindan
    Episode III Clone Trooper #41
    DVD Triology 3 Pack Vader, Emperor, Stormtrooper (back has tear)
    30th anniversary album w/ Vader
    Bendem Yoda
    Bendem Wicket (square bubble)
    Bendem Chewbacca (bubble cracked)
    2 Bendem Obi Wan (1 bubble cracked)
    Bendem R2 D2 (Card creased)
    Bendem Luke
    Bendem Admiral Ackbar
    Bendem Princess Leia
    Bendem Han Solo
    Bendem Boxed 10 piece set
    Epsiode I Action Fleet Podracer Hanger Bay (missing pit droids)
    Action Master 6 pack boxed set
    Action Masters Single carded r2-D2, Stormtrooper, Luke, C3PO

    MOTU (2002)-
    Two Bad
    Buzz Off
    3 " inch set boxed with exclusive Beast Man
    3" inch Statos (loose)

    Blue Plush Power Ranger (carded)
    Harry Potter Tom Riddle
    Justice League Martian Manhunter
    Attack Armor Martian Manhunter

    Happy Meal Figures Still Sealed-
    Beast Man
    Man At Arms
    Nook Beanie Baby
    VR Trooper wrist spinner
    Tigger Beanie Baby
    Phantaeia vs Storm
    XMen Wolverine vs Blob

    Starting Lineup-
    1993 Jack McDowell
    1993 Robin Ventura
    1995 Chris Zorich
    1995 IRving Fryar
    1995 (2) Nick Van Exel
    1995 Toni Kukoc
    1995 Grant Hill (rookie)
    1995 Glenn Robinson (rookie)
    1995 Bob Corkum
    1995 Martin Brodeur

    Series 7 Barry Zito (rookie)
    Series 5 Barry Bonds (variant road jersey)

    Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts-
    2006 #9 CUL8R
    2007 #5 (2) Mega Thrust
    2007 #8 (2) Jaded (1 shortcarded)
    2007#11 Cadillac V16
    2007 #12 Evil Twin
    2008 #2 70' Road Runner
    2008 #5 (2) Hot Bird
    2008 # 6 (2) Qombee
    2008 #8 (2) Viper ( 1 short carded)
    2008 #9 16 Angels (40th Anniversary short card)
    2008 #11 Drift King
    2009 #2 Chevroletor
    2009 #4 Rat Bomb (short card)
    2009 #5 37 Ford
    2009 #6 (2) 34 Ford
    2009 #7 53 Chevy
    2009 #12 (2) Neet Streeter
    2012 52 Chevy
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    Will trade for most any carded star wars figure I don't have. Will also trade for Topps baseball cards,funko pops or other lines of carded figures. Possibly loose star wars too depending on figure. Again this stuff needs to go.

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    Just made first trade after several years.

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    Also looking for Esipode 1 figures carded and several modern Potf ones green and orange carded too. A few freeze frames and Potj also but would need to check which ones.

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    Figured at least someone would inquire about the hot wheels.
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