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Thread: Need space!!!!!

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    Also have promo Cayde figure from Destiny game. It was a gamestop exclusive with pre-order. If anyone is interested in a trade pm me. Thanks for looking.

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    Ok. Still need space to walk. Would trade very generous on bendems. Plus ready to trade almost a complete line of Action Masters. If haven't heard of them, it's a cool smaller line. Pm if interested. Still needing carded figures from most newer lines.

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    Finishing 3rd trade and looking to move more items very soon. Still have 3 full boxes of items to go. Interested in anything just send a pm.

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    3rd trade complete. Ready for next one.

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    Adding some rogue one figures . No stormtroopers but if interested pm me. Do have Vaders.

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    Ok. Anybody pm me in next hour . Will trade single carded bendems 2 for 1. Carded figures must be in trade.

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    Ok willing to make most trades for items on my haves list. Need to revamp room for walking space. Pm me about any of it.
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    Bump. And will consider most any trade offers. Really need to move 3 full boxes of figures.

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    Accidently banged foot on this box in the floor again. Will someone take some of these figures off my hands,so they'll go away. Open to really any type of trades. Figures,cards(sports included), glasses. Most anything from any type of line would work. Pm if interested and have a few extra items not listed. Even a retired star wars Lego set for trade. In box and unopened. Looking to make these 3 boxes start shrinking down.

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    Also. If anyone has any sports cards they really don't want and are thinking about trashing,don't. Just pm me and I'll try to take them off your hands.

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