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Thread: Need space!!!!!

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    Also have promo Cayde figure from Destiny game. It was a gamestop exclusive with pre-order. If anyone is interested in a trade pm me. Thanks for looking.

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    Ok. Still need space to walk. Would trade very generous on bendems. Plus ready to trade almost a complete line of Action Masters. If haven't heard of them, it's a cool smaller line. Pm if interested. Still needing carded figures from most newer lines.

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    Finishing 3rd trade and looking to move more items very soon. Still have 3 full boxes of items to go. Interested in anything just send a pm.

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    3rd trade complete. Ready for next one.

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    Adding some rogue one figures . No stormtroopers but if interested pm me. Do have Vaders.

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    Ok. Anybody pm me in next hour . Will trade single carded bendems 2 for 1. Carded figures must be in trade.

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    Ok willing to make most trades for items on my haves list. Need to revamp room for walking space. Pm me about any of it.
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    Bump. And will consider most any trade offers. Really need to move 3 full boxes of figures.

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