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Thread: Hello from Canada! My Collection so far...

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    Hello from Canada! My Collection so far...

    Hi everyone! Hailing from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, my name's Jeff and I joined this fine forum last week. Looking to rebuild a once proud Star Wars collection with a focus on getting one of each figure in nice condition with all original accessories. Here's my collection so far...

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    GREAT Jabba No Botha!
    The falcon acrylic stand makes the falcon look awesome!
    You get 4 LOM and your bounty hunters ARE COMPLETE!

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    Great start already have some nice hard to find figures

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    Thanks guys! 4-Lom is ordered, should show up this week. Also waiting for a nice "white" Wampa, Dianoga with acrylic stand & Lumat to be delivered.
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    Lovin' that Amazing Spider-Man trash can! Had one of those growing up . . . it is just a trash can, I get it, but I loved it.

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    Thanks guys! The Spider-Man Trash Collecting Device is from 1979 and has travelled with me wherever I've gone in life! The stand for the Falcon is also real cool, bought it from a seller in Australia. They don't cost that much if you're able to put up with the long shipping time (about a month). Also, the serving tray that fits the vintage R2-D2 was 3D printed and designed to snap on to the top of his legs. It was white when I received it so I painted it, looks awesome when finished!

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    Very nice setup Jabba!!

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