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Thread: Hello from Canada! My Collection so far...

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    Hey, no droids allowed in the cantina .they don't serve their kind .lol

    Looks great. Keep it going. I remember those garbage cans. We had a star wars one, and I think we may have had a batman.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! Just knocked another one off the list, a real nice & complete Endor Luke.

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    Good looking collection you have there. Some nice figures and playset!

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    Great looking collection! One step at a time and remember to collect because you like it! Enjoy what you have. Thanks for sharing!
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    Nice SW and MOTU collection. I like that Falcon stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad_D View Post
    Nice SW and MOTU collection. I like that Falcon stand.

    Thanks guys! Picked up a few figures since I posted these photos. Happy to have landed a real nice complete Bespin Leia to finish off my ANH / ESB / ROTJ collection. Also snagged a complete Endor Luke and Han Carbonite... just need 8 of the Last 17. For the MOTU collection I finally completed my childhood Faker He-Man too!

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